As soon as I had my first lesson with Tamaz, I knew I would learn a lot from him. His knowledge and experience, his skill as a dancer and teacher left no doubt about it. As I continue to study with him, I realize that his patience and creativity as a teacher, his confidence in me, and the depth and breadth of his experience as a dancer are making me a better dancer than I ever dreamed possible. Tamaz is the best teacher I have ever had. He encourages me, and inspires me to continue to learn and improve as a dancer.

Tracey Robinson-Harris

I have been a student of Tamaz’ now for over two years. I’ve danced for over 20 years with a variety of teachers and none has been as influential or as talented as Tamaz. Tamaz is an amazing dancer and also an innovative choreographer. He has taught me so much about dance and also about myself helping me gain the confidence to perform with a partner and to compete as well.

Tamaz creates dance programs that are individually tailored and has a keen ability to assess just how much pushing or nurturing students need to challenge themselves and make them the best dancers they can be. Tamaz cares deeply for each one of his students and it is truly a pleasure taking lessons from him. He has my highest recommendation and I personally look forward to many more years of learning from someone who I believe to be one of the best in the business.

Kristy Klein

ILTA Dance Studio is a truly rare find. The owners are not only remarkable pro dancers, but they also possess a unique ability to teach both children and adults the art of dancing. They are committed and passionate teachers and also fun loving, amicable people.I never imagined my husband on the dance floor, now, thanks to the skillful work of ILTA, he searches the web for places to CHA CHA! Boston night life has a whole new meaning.

Olga Golub

If you are looking for a great ballroom dance studio, look no further. ILTA Dance Studio is a fabulous find! First impressions are lasting impressions as the saying goes and I knew immediately that ILTA Dance Studio would be a great place for me. From my first conversations with Ilana and Tamaz I was impressed with their warmth and genuine interest in my needs while articulating clearly what ILTA had to offer.

Bernadette Mc Cool

Incredible child and adult studio with one-of-a kind coaches! I've been dancing at ILTA for 8.5 years - having had the privilege of experiencing their private lessons, as well as their group classes-, and I can't imagine being anywhere else. Whether your goal is social dancing, preparing a number for a special event, or becoming a part of the competitive world, ILTA will provide you with exactly what you're looking for, and more. All of the teachers here adapt to their students' learning styles, while providing the highest possible level of coaching in a fun and engaging way. By choosing to become part of the welcoming and caring ILTA community, you are sure to form new friendships and to discover a love for dance!

Valerie Abelis

We are so lucky to have found ILTA. Ilana has been teaching us and another couple in private lessons and we've grown by leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. Lessons are personalized, fun and the time flies by! We are really inspired to practice and continue to learn more and more. We highly recommend this studio!

Sarah Bernadette

We've been taking dance lessons here for a few years and highly recommend this studio. They have wonderful teachers for kids of and adults of all ages. Latin, ballroom, American, International - all styles. Friendly atmosphere and very individualized approach to teaching.

Ilya Bass

The are no words to describe how much I love this place! I was in a project in Boston and decided to take latin dance classes. Ilana and Jenya are the most amazing instructors I've had in my life. They are extremely dedicated to their students, caring and overall they are looking to make you successful at dancing. I was there for about 20 classes and now that I'm away from Boston I realize how much I miss them. Looking for the best dance studio in Boston? Look no further! ILTA is the place to learn and have fun!

Katherine Martine

The best studio ever! The teachers created a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere for students of all ages and all abilities. Your lessons will be tailored to your needs, whether you want to show some smooth moves at the next birthday party or want to compete on a national level. No matter how stressed or tired I am, a lesson with Ilana or Tamaz will make it all better.

Tatiana Ivanov

I found Ilta by simply searching for dance studios in my area and Ilta was one of the most highly reviewed/rated. They also offered a free intro class, so I was sold on them from the beginning. My wife and I went to our first class and had Ilana as our initial instructor. She showed us the basic steps of the Foxtrot and Rhumba. We were there to learn some dancing for our first dance, so Ilana also listened to our song choices and advised us on what steps we could use for them. Before starting private classes for our first dance at the wedding, we took a 6-week intro to ballroom dancing with Jenya as our instructor. After the 6-week course, which was very reasonably priced, we started our private instruction, again with Jenya as our instructor. Jenya is fantastic. Not only is she a great dancer in her own right, but she’s also a patient and great dance teacher as well. We ended up taking 10 private classes with her and she helped us choreograph our whole song. If I had to do it again, or if I ever need dance instruction again, I will be sure to go to Jenya and Ilta. I also highly recommend asking Jenya to try to distract you during your practice sessions. Practicing home alone is easy; dancing in front of one person who is your instructor and knows everything you do wrong can be intimidating, but manageable; dancing in front of 100+ people at your wedding is terrifying and learning to focus on the dance and not the people watching you, I think, was a great help. Jenya is also hilarious with her distractions and includes clapping, talking to no one, commenting on phantom salads, and the occasional moonwalk (which got me).

Michael Conboy

Excellence in every way! Beyond their evident love of dance, Tamaz and Ilana are gifted dancers and uniquely gifted teachers. Success in their commitment to impart and instill a love of dance in every student, however young or old, with whatever goals, is testament to their ever generous effort, talent and experience. The environment at ILTA is safe, nurturing and joyful and dance instruction is highly professional, always purposeful and so much fun! This is a studio that welcomes all to participate, through showcases, practices and parties, in a friendly, respectful, inclusive dance community. Tamaz is a wonderfully creative instructor. Encouraging, patient, considerate and constructive, he has a unique ability to assess and understand how and what I need to learn. Knowing that he expects my best effort and trusting in his confidence in me, each lesson leaves me inspired, eager to learn more, looking forward to the next!

Nina DeLoge

At ILTA studio I've learned a lot and still continue to improve my Ballroom skills, thanks to their wonderful and professional staff. Tamaz, Ilana & Jenya are absolutely the best in this field. I highly recommend to anyone who likes dancing.

Simon Shendelman

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